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Flexible, Affordable Online Degrees

Eastern Oregon University’s online degree programs offer you the ability to study from anywhere and customize your experience. You will learn from expert faculty and professionals who have experience in the field and incorporate their real-world skills into coursework so that you will be prepared to succeed.

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Bachelor’s / Business

B.A.S. in Business

Experience a specialized curriculum accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Complete your fast-track degree in three years.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.S./B.A. Agriculture Entrepreneurship

The Agriculture Entrepreneurship program is designed to help you develop and refine the skills and knowledge required to take an active and leading position in many different aspects of agriculture. While providing business and science fundamentals, the AE degree will allow you flexibility in refining your future agriculture interests and incorporate those interests into real-world, team-based experiential learning programs. It’s all about understanding, collaborating, enacting, and refining the innovative process.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.S./B.A. in Accounting

Experience a specialized curriculum accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Complete your fast-track degree in three years.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.S./B.A. in Accounting: Certified Managerial Accounting

Gain the credential required to take the certified public Accountant (CPA) exam and pursue the globally recognized certified management accountant (CMA) exam so you can go further in your career.

Bachelor’s / Social Sciences

B.S./B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology

Choose from two concentrations that are grounded in a four-field cultural, physical, biological and archaeological approach.

Bachelor’s / Social Sciences

B.S./B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology: Anthropology

Discover a program that delivers advanced critical thinking skills while exploring archaeology and the cultural, physical and biological aspects of anthropology.

Bachelor’s / Social Sciences

B.S./B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology: Sociology/Social Welfare

Learn to identify and address current societal challenges through structured civic engagement.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.S./B.A. in Business Administration

There is one available concentration for this program, which is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Bachelor’s / Business

B.S./B.A. in Business Administration: Leadership, Organization and Management

Gain essential management skills for all business sectors and graduate with the expertise necessary to establish yourself as an effective and trusted leader in your industry.

Bachelor’s / Humanities

B.S./B.A. in Communication Studies

Be part of the next generation of community builders with rhetorical efficiency, interpersonal effectiveness, intercultural competency, ethical sensitivity and platform savvy. Collaborate with students from other programs through the online curriculum.

Bachelor’s / Technology

B.S./B.A. in Computer Science

Study software development and computer programming while enjoying unique class offerings and experienced faculty. You will be prepared for the variety of innovative technology evolving in the 21st Century.

Bachelor’s / Education

B.S./B.A. in Early Childhood Education

Prepare to work with children up to eight years old in this program taught by experts and ranked best in Oregon and 16th in the nation.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.S./B.A. in Economics

Participate in a research-focused curriculum, apply economic theory and explore diverse economic systems and issues.

Bachelor’s / Humanities

B.S./B.A. in English/Writing

Prepare to be a creative and effective communicator in a program that features community involvement and partnerships with nonprofits, independent presses and K-12 schools.

Bachelor’s / Public Safety

B.S./B.A. in Fire Services Administration

Learn from fire chiefs and other industry professionals in the business-focused, award-winning program.

Bachelor’s / Health and Science

B.S./B.A. in Health & Human Performance

Get affordable, hands-on experience and practice with scientific approaches in one of four concentrations – physical education and sport, community health, exercise science and nature and outdoor recreation programming.

Bachelor’s / Health and Science

B.S./B.A. in Health & Human Performance: Community Health

Learn to address a range of health and wellness concerns throughout diverse communities, and provide education on disease prevention, injuries, illness and more.

Bachelor’s / Health and Science

B.S./B.A. in Health & Human Performance: Exercise Science

Develop essential wellness skills and become eligible for career advancement through certifications in strength and conditioning, personal training and inclusive fitness training.

Bachelor’s / Health and Science

B.S./B.A. in Health & Human Performance: Nature and Outdoor Recreation Programming

Integrate the study of outdoor recreation with holistic health and then complete a two-week summer field studies program in the largest wilderness area of Oregon.

Bachelor’s / Health and Science

B.S./B.A. in Health & Human Performance: Physical Education and Sport

Build a strong foundation for your education career with a curriculum that takes a scientific approach to physiology, motor development, movement analysis and more.

Bachelor’s / Social Sciences

B.S./B.A. in History

Our history program includes published, tenured faculty and Eastern Oregon University Presidential Scholar winners. For the past five years, the history department has been recognized by Phi Alpha Theta, an honor society for history professors and students.

Bachelor’s / Humanities

B.S./B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Reach your customized career goals with this degree. It is one of the largest at Eastern Oregon University because it features flexibility and versatility to make your dream career possible. Create a customized degree program or combine two minors to earn your degree.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.S./B.A. in Marketing

Explore interactive media, interpersonal relationships and emerging technologies with the online marketing bachelor’s degree from EOU.

Bachelor’s / Social Sciences

B.S./B.A. in Politics, Policy and Public Administration

Delivered 100% online, the bachelor’s in politics, policy and public administration program offers unique rural-informed global curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities, such as field placements and internships.

Bachelor’s / Health and Science

B.S./B.A. in Psychology

Prepare for graduate school or entry-level work as a counselor or psychologist in schools, rehabilitation centers or social services with this rigorous program and its unique curriculum.

Bachelor’s / Humanities

B.S./B.A. in Public Relations

Develop skills in social media management, marketing and media relations while learning to effectively communicate information to a wide range of stakeholders. This program also prepares you to sit for the Certified Public Relations (CPR) exam.

Bachelor’s / Technology

B.S./B.A./B.A.S. in Cybersecurity

Focus on the applied skills of cybersecurity in a comprehensive curriculum so you can step into the security role of your choice at graduation.

Bachelor’s / Technology

B.S./B.A./B.A.S. in Data Analytics

Analyze data for strategic decision making, gain industry experience and prepare for a wide range of high growth careers with this mathematics and computer science-driven program.

Bachelor’s / Public Safety

B.S./B.A./B.A.S. in Emergency Medical Services Administration

Gain certifications while learning how to move into EMS administration and management. Our program fulfills the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education model curriculum.

Bachelor’s / Technology

B.S./B.A./B.A.S. in Information Technology Management

Experience a specialized curriculum. Complete your fast-track degree in three years.

Certificate / Technology

Computer Programming I & II Certificate

Eastern Oregon University’s Computer Science department is a great choice if you are interested in programming, IT management, data analysis, system administration, software engineering, cybersecurity, or advanced study. After obtaining your degree, you will be equipped with the skills to work in the private or public sector. Our program’s curriculum enables you to personalize your degree depending on your desired career trajectory.

Post Baccalaureate Certificate / Education

Curriculum Leadership Certificate

Discover the best methods to guide curriculum developments across grade levels.

Post Baccalaureate Certificate / Education

English for Speakers of Other Languages Certificate

Engage with new teaching methods to give your students the tools to learn English.

Master’s / Education

Master of Arts in Teaching

Develop skills for a rewarding teaching career at the elementary or secondary level with this flexible, hybrid program. Complete your master’s degree in 10 months and gain valuable field experience to improve learning outcomes for your students.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration

Learn management strategies to optimize professional career advancement in this program that is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Master’s / Humanities

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing

Eastern Oregon University’s online/hybrid MFA will give you opportunities for hands-on writing, editing and publishing in collaborative workshops from the comfort of your home and the serenity of nature.

Master’s / Business, Health and Science

Master of Healthcare Administration

Participate in experiential learning activities and complete a flexible course of study to prepare for leadership opportunities in the healthcare field. Graduate in 18 to 36 months.

Master’s / Social Sciences

Master of Public Administration

Develop comprehensive public management skills and graduate prepared to meet the demand for well-rounded public administration professionals through EOU’s online M.P.A. program.

Master’s / Counseling

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Learn from experts in this fully online program to prepare for the mental health counseling career field.

Master’s / Education

Master of Science in Education

Develop best practices for PK-12 education by implementing applied and theoretical knowledge and skills. Focus on literacy (reading), special education, curriculum leadership, dyslexia, trauma in educational communities, or ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) while learning from faculty with advanced degrees in their specialties.

Post Baccalaureate Certificate / Business

Post-Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate

If you have a non-accounting degree or need more credits to sit for the CPA exam, this certificate program will provide tax, accounting, finance and auditing courses to prepare you for an accounting career.

Certificate / Education

Trauma in Educational Communities Certificate

Gain the Trauma in Educational Communities specialization and advocate for vulnerable K-12 student populations in culturally responsive and equitable ways.