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B.S./B.A. in English/Writing

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Customize Your Online Bachelor’s in English to Match Your Creative Needs

20+ Unique Electives

5 Practicum Experience Options

Highly Transferable Skills

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  • Duration 4 years
  • Cost per Credit $286.40
  • Credit Hours 180

Program Benefits

  • Creative core curriculum with real-world experiences
  • Seasoned, award-winning published professors
  • Generous transfer policy – now accepting applications
  • Expert career advice to aid your job search

*Price reflects tuition for Oregon residents. Non-resident tuition is $329.60/credit hour. Speak to an enrollment counselor for more information.

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An Affordable, Customizable Online English Degree

You can personalize your EOU online English degree with sub-disciplines in literature, creative writing or rhetoric and be part of a program connected to non-profit organizations, independent presses and K-12 schools through community partnerships. This allows you to explore various career paths to discover your passion.

Your learning is led by full-time, published faculty. From award-winning authors and poets to literature professors with doctoral degrees, these scholars share diverse backgrounds and knowledge to shape you into an effective communicator and expert writer.

Develop into a skillful and marketable wordsmith with an engaging curriculum that matches your goals. This convenient online degree gives multiple options for coursework. Consider fiction, poetry, news, screenwriting, tutoring, grammar, film and more.

English and Writing Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The online bachelor’s in English/writing requires a core of program credit hours, elective credit hours and a two-course capstone. Earn your B.A. with a foreign language requirement, or your B.S. with just 12 more science credits.

The core courses include literature, grammar, writing fiction and poetry and literature in film. Then, you can choose from many available electives such as film criticism, linguistics, digital rhetoric and writing theory.

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Have Credits to Transfer?

The option to transfer credits makes your program more affordable and can help you get on the job sooner. We allow up to 135 credits from previous college coursework to be transferred into EOU. All EOU majors require a minimum of 20 EOU credits.

To see how your credits will transfer, use our Transfer Equivalency tool.

Career Outlook

The online bachelor’s in English/writing program delivers professional skills that are in-demand for nearly every occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earnings for those who complete a bachelor’s degree is $1,248, which is $361 more than those who only complete an associate degree, and $502 more than those who do not attend college at all.1 When you graduate, you’ll have the credential to pursue a graduate education and professional opportunities with competitive salaries.

Increase your earning potential and discover the professional opportunities that await you with EOU Online.

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Program Outcomes

  • Build creativity
  • Work one-on-one with faculty
  • Familiarize yourself with publishing
  • Get involved with your community
  • Gain leadership and management skills
  • Develop an effective writing process
  • Research, analyze and communicate across a broad spectrum of situations
  • Express yourself effectively to a varied audience
“My English/Writing professors took as much of an interest in my well-being as they did in my writing. My understanding of writing, which was built and nurtured by one-on-one interactions with English/Writing faculty, has been the most valuable tool I have in terms of education.”
– Mackenzie Trotter, Former student; English; La Grande, Oregon

Tuition Details

We feature affordable tuition, especially when compared to similar universities. The total cost of your program (assuming no transfer credits) is $51,552. The cost per credit hour for EOU online courses is $286.40.*

About 92 percent of online students benefit from financial aid and scholarships to cover part of these costs.

*Price reflects tuition for Oregon residents. Non-resident tuition is $329.60/credit hour. Speak to an enrollment counselor for more information.

E O U $5,155 versus Average Competitor $10,933

Per Term: Based on 18 credits. Costs for average competitors are estimations of state schools found on public university websites.

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Learn More About Your Financial Aid Options

Your education is an investment in your future. We take your commitment seriously and are here to support you in finding ways to pay for your degree.

Options to consider are:

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Employer Benefits
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Admission Requirements

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What It’s Like to Study Online

Earning your degree online at Eastern Oregon University is a great opportunity because there are no on-campus requirements. You will have access to the same professors, content and opportunities as on-campus students, only in a creative digital format. Our professors work on campus and are professionals and experts who are trained to deliver innovative, engaging online education.

Online Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about this program.

Yes, the bachelor’s in English/Writing program can be completed 100 percent online.

If you have a passion for reading, writing and digital media, this degree is right for you. EOU’s English/Writing degree is a starting point for a variety of careers besides just teaching. In terms of transferable job skills, an English degree is one of the best options, even if you are undecided on a career path.

You may qualify if you are a citizen of, or have a bachelor’s degree from one of many countries. See the EOU English Proficiency Policy for more information.

You could work in many career paths besides teaching because writing and communication skills are needed in many jobs. EOU alumni are currently working as lawyers, policy analysts, technical writers, editors, media designers, journalists and more.

The English program has many partnerships with non-profit organizations, independent publishers and K–12 schools. You might work as an online tutor for the EOU Writing Center, edit for a student-run journal called Oregon East, or complete an editorial internship.

The program does not offer a virtual open house at this time. 

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¹Learn more, earn more: Education leads to higher wages, lower unemployment. May 2020. Retrieved on Jan. 29, 2021, from