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Technology / article

The Main Types of Cyber Security [For Beginners]

Cyber security has never been more vital than it is today. We take a dive into what cyber security is all about: protecting data integrity and access.

Health and Science / article

The Psychology Behind Competitiveness

Why are some people more competitive than others? It turns out competitiveness says a lot about who we are. Learn more through East Oregon University.

Technology / article

Understanding Cloud Computing Basics

You've heard of cloud computing, but do you understand how it works? We've put together a comprehensive overview of the types of cloud computing.

Humanities / article

The Value of a Creative Thinker in the Workplace

Creativity isn't just for artists and writers. Creative thinking is the foundation of problem-solving, and it's a skill you must hone to stay relevant.

Humanities / article

A Look at the American Literary Movements

From Native Americans to the present, American literature has grown & evolved with the country. We take a look at the main American literary movements.