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Anthropology vs Sociology: What’s the Difference, and Which Is Right for You?

Anthropology and sociology share many similarities, but there are distinct differences between the two areas of study. Understanding these differences — and how anthropologists and sociologists work — is key to deciding which academic path is best for you.

Social Sciences / article

How to Become a Historian: Look to the Past to Build Your Future

Historians occupy an important space in the public consciousness; they help us understand the past while applying its lessons to today. Learn about how to become a historian and the different career paths offered by this vital area of study.

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The Road to EOU: Key Steps in the College Transfer Process

Applying for college shouldn't be a barrier to your education, so let us help. In this article and accompanying infographic, you’ll be able to follow an easy step-by-step guide to completing the online admissions and college transfer processes at Eastern Oregon University.

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Veganic Farming: Sustainable Agriculture Practices

The agriculture industry is grappling with the need for improved sustainability, and veganic farming, an entirely plant-based method, offers a potential solution. Learn more about the methods, ethics, and challenges faced by veganic farmers, and the need for innovation to lead farming into the future.

Technology / article

Types of Cyberattacks That Threaten Businesses, Part III: Man-in-the-Middle, APT & SSRF Breaches

The third in a three-part series, this article covers the remaining major types of cyberattacks: man-in-the-middle, advanced persistent threat and server-side request forgery. Real-world examples are provided along with solutions for prevention and mitigation.

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Types of Cyberattacks that Threaten Businesses, Part II: Phishing, Brute Force Logins & Denial-of-Service Breaches

The second in a three-part series, this article covers three of the major types of cyberattacks: phishing, brute-force logins and denial-of-service breaches. Real-world examples are provided along with solutions for prevention and mitigation.

Technology / article

Types of Cyberattacks That Threaten Businesses, Part I: Malware and Ransomware

The first in a three-part series, this article explains what a cyberattack is and covers one of the major types, malware and ransomware, providing real-world examples and solutions.

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Seven Things Customer-Centric Companies Do to Increase Profits and Loyalty

This piece explains what customer-centric companies are and discusses the elements and behaviors that make such businesses far more successful than others. The strategies and culture around placing patrons at the heart of everything a company does are discussed, and examples of customer-centric operations and offerings from top brands are given.

Health and Science / article

The Importance of Making the Mental Health of Your Fellow Firefighters a Priority

Learn the importance of mental health in firefighting through Eastern Oregon University's online Bachelor's in Fire Services Administration.

Health and Science / article

The Future of Firefighting: Firefighting Robots

Firefighting can be a dangerous career. As technology advances, we look towards the hopeful future of firefighting robots. Learn more at EOU Online.

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Importance of Communication in Paramedic and EMT Teams

The online emergency medical services administration (EMSA) degree program at EOU teaches students proper communication in Paramedic and EMT Teams.

Education / article

Why Practicing Mindfulness in the Classroom Will Benefit Your Students

Through EOU's MS in Education, students learn mindfulness that helps them with their future students in the classroom. Learn more and apply today.

Technology / article

The Main Types of Cyber Security [For Beginners]

Cyber security has never been more vital than it is today. We take a dive into what cyber security is all about: protecting data integrity and access.

Health and Science / article

The Psychology Behind Competitiveness

Why are some people more competitive than others? It turns out competitiveness says a lot about who we are. Learn more through East Oregon University.

Technology / article

Understanding Cloud Computing Basics

You've heard of cloud computing, but do you understand how it works? We've put together a comprehensive overview of the types of cloud computing.

Humanities / article

The Value of a Creative Thinker in the Workplace

Creativity isn't just for artists and writers. Creative thinking is the foundation of problem-solving, and it's a skill you must hone to stay relevant.

Humanities / article

A Look at the American Literary Movements

From Native Americans to the present, American literature has grown & evolved with the country. We take a look at the main American literary movements.