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Health and Science / article

The Importance of Making the Mental Health of Your Fellow Firefighters a Priority

Learn the importance of mental health in firefighting through Eastern Oregon University's online Bachelor's in Fire Services Administration.

Health and Science / article

The Future of Firefighting: Firefighting Robots

Firefighting can be a dangerous career. As technology advances, we look towards the hopeful future of firefighting robots. Learn more at EOU Online.

Health and Science / article

Importance of Communication in Paramedic and EMT Teams

The online emergency medical services administration (EMSA) degree program at EOU teaches students proper communication in Paramedic and EMT Teams.

Education / article

Why Practicing Mindfulness in the Classroom Will Benefit Your Students

Through EOU's MS in Education, students learn mindfulness that helps them with their future students in the classroom. Learn more and apply today.

Technology / article

The Main Types of Cyber Security [For Beginners]

Cyber security has never been more vital than it is today. We take a dive into what cyber security is all about: protecting data integrity and access.

Health and Science / article

The Psychology Behind Competitiveness

Why are some people more competitive than others? It turns out competitiveness says a lot about who we are. Learn more through East Oregon University.

Technology / article

Understanding Cloud Computing Basics

You've heard of cloud computing, but do you understand how it works? We've put together a comprehensive overview of the types of cloud computing.

Humanities / article

The Value of a Creative Thinker in the Workplace

Creativity isn't just for artists and writers. Creative thinking is the foundation of problem-solving, and it's a skill you must hone to stay relevant.

Humanities / article

A Look at the American Literary Movements

From Native Americans to the present, American literature has grown & evolved with the country. We take a look at the main American literary movements.