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B.S./B.A./B.A.S. in Emergency Medical Services Administration

Move Your Career Into EMS Administration and Management

In this program, whether you are already trained in emergency medical services or not, you will gain certifications while learning how to move into EMS administration and management roles. Our program fulfills the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Model Curriculum to prepare you for career advancement.

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  • Duration 4 years
  • Cost per Credit $265
  • Credit Hours 180

Program Benefits

  • FESHE Model Curriculum
  • Gain Valuable Management Skills for Career Advancement
  • B.A., B.S. or B.A.S. Degree Path Flexibility
  • Comprehensive Core and Elective Course Topics

About the EMSA Online Degree

Our online degree in emergency medical services administration (EMSA) will prepare you with advanced knowledge in management and health services, whether you are trained as an EMT, paramedic, nurse or other healthcare professional. Dispatchers, supervisors, instructors and operations managers will also find the program helpful. Your courses will cover everything from communication to legal aspects and the fundamentals of business.

EMT or paramedic certification/licensure is not required for program admission or graduation with the EMSA degree. Students who enter the EMSA program with an associate’s degree will have the option to complete their bachelor’s degree as a B.A., B.S. or B.A.S. depending on how they enter the program and their personal goals.


The bachelor’s in emergency medical services administration (EMSA) at EOU is accredited by the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Model Curriculum. This affiliation represents EOU’s commitment to a quality EMSA education and consistent, continuing evaluation; you can be sure that our program will effectively prepare you for today’s emergency service careers.

EMS Administration Curriculum

Core Curriculum

We require a core of courses including EMS risk management, communications, regulations, quality, transport and multiculturalism. Earn your B.A. with a foreign language requirement, or your B.S. with just 12 more science credits.

The EMSA degree program is very focused on providing education about the business and managerial sides of EMS. However, you do not have to be an EMT or medic to benefit from our program.

The curriculum we follow is similar to a business administration program focused on a specific industry. You will learn how to manage a team of EMS workers, complete administrative duties such as budgets and scheduling, reduce the risk of injury for EMS workers in the community and give the best quality of care to the people you encounter on the job.

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Have Credits to Transfer?

The option to transfer credits makes your program more affordable and can help you get on the job sooner. We allow up to 135 credits from previous college coursework to be transferred into EOU. All EOU majors require a minimum of 20 EOU credits.

To see how your credits will transfer, use our Transfer Equivalency tool.

“I currently work as an incident medical specialist on wildfires while taking classes full time at EOU. The EMSA advising team is extremely helpful and willing to work with students based on their individual backgrounds and existing commitments… The flexibility of the online format is great as it allows me to work while taking courses. As a U.S. military veteran, EOU’s team was able to guide me through the process of using my GI Bill™ benefits to the fullest. The knowledge gained from my EMSA courses directly applies to the field and is essential to understanding the leadership and administrative responsibilities in emergency medicine.”
– Peter Byrne, 2016; Emergency Medical Services Administration; Brigadier General with National Guard

Admission Requirements

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*Only needed for students transferring fewer than 30 credit hours, fewer than three years after high school graduation.

What It’s Like to Study Online

Earning your degree online at Eastern Oregon University is a great opportunity because there are no on-campus requirements. You will have access to the same professors, content and opportunities as on-campus students, only in a creative digital format. Our faculty are professionals and experts who are trained to deliver innovative, engaging online education.

Online Experience

Tuition Details

We feature affordable tuition, especially when compared to similar universities. The total cost of your program (assuming no transfer credits) is $47,700. With maximum transfer credits, your cost could be even less. The cost per credit hour for EOU online courses is $265.* An additional $13.50 per credit hour will be applied to accounting, business and economics courses.

About 92 percent of online students benefit from financial aid and scholarships to cover part of these costs.

*A cost differential will be applied to ACCT, BA and ECON prefix courses.

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Per Term: Based on 18 credits. Costs for average competitors are estimations of state schools found on public university websites.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop management skills
  • Apply administrative techniques
  • Manage personnel
  • Create a capital budget
  • Understand state and local government relationships
  • Provide opportunities for career advancement

Career Outlook

According to PayScale, the average annual salary for EMS directors is $63,936.¹ In some positions, bonuses are available to supplement your salary.

Your earning potential will grow as you gain experience and certifications, and jobs for EMS directors in larger cities typically pay more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about this program.

Yes, you can complete this program entirely online because there are no on-campus requirements. However, be aware that upper-division courses in the EMSA program are occasionally offered as on-site weekend hybrid courses in Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon and the Portland, Oregon region.

EMT certification is not included with our degree program and is not a requirement for admission. However, students must have EMT certification or licensure as a condition of graduation.

This depends on how you enter the program. Students who enter the EMSA program with an associate degree will have the option to complete their bachelor’s degree as a B.A., B.S. or Bachelor of Applied Science depending on how they enter the program and their personal goals. If you do not have an associate degree, you can choose either the B.A. or B.S.

EOU’s online degree in EMSA is perfect for EMTs or medics who want to move up in rank. However, if you are interested in nursing, an EMS sales representative, creating essential nursing resources or other management roles, our degree program is a great fit.

We accept up to 135 credits from previous college coursework for transfer to EOU. All EOU majors require a minimum of 20 EOU credits. You can learn more about our admission policy here.

Our most recent virtual open house was held on February 10, 2021. Feel free to watch the most recent virtual open house, and stay tuned for the next live event.

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¹Average Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director Salary. (n.d.). Retrieved Sept. 19, 2019, from