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The Road to EOU: Key Steps in the College Transfer Process

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At Eastern Oregon University, we believe applying for college shouldn’t be a barrier to your education, whether you’re trying to gain admittance for the first time or transferring colleges. That’s why we make the admissions and college transfer processes easy and seamless, allowing you to apply online and receive credits for previous education and experience, all hassle-free. Additionally, choose from multiple start dates per year to begin your journey at the time that’s most convenient for you.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the College Admissions and College Transfer Processes

  1. Create an EOU Online account with your name and email address.
  2. Submit your application to the university, indicating your program of choice from dozens of options within the following fields of study:
    • Science, Technology, Mathematics and Health Sciences (STMHS)
    • Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Business
    • Education

Make sure you check the application deadline, mark it in your calendar and submit your application before that date.

  1. Pay the non-refundable application fee online:
    • Undergraduate: $50
    • Graduate: $50
    • International: $90
  2. Collect and submit all appropriate and required documents.
    • Undergraduate: Order official transcripts from all previous colleges as well as high school, and provide GED scores, if applicable. Our transcript team can also request official transcripts on your behalf and submit them for you.
      • Complete the free Transfer Credit Review to find out how credits you’ve earned can be applied to EOU. Just enter your information and upload your transcripts. Within 72 hours, a representative will email your completed review and set up a call to discuss the results and answer any questions.
      • Students with significant, relevant life/work experience: Document what you’ve learned through life and work experience to earn university credit via the Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL). The APEL 390 course helps you convey your knowledge and skills and pair those with further education from coursework in those subjects.
      • Military students: Take a look at the Military Support page to learn about grants, scholarships, transfer credits, waivers and other offerings available to you.
    • Graduate: Submit official transcripts from the school at which you earned your bachelor’s degree as well as any additional post-degree coursework, if applicable. Some programs will also require letters of recommendation and a personal statement. Check your program’s admission page on our website for complete requirements and information related to the college admissions process.
    • International: Ensure that you have fulfilled the English Proficiency Policy requirements, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.
  3. Keep an eye out for email updates and news about your application status. Reach out to your enrollment counselor to have any questions answered.
  4. Once you have been officially accepted, fill out and submit the relevant forms, such as Citizenship / State Residency Info, Consent to Release, Health History and Request for Taxpayer Identification Number. Contact the Office of Admissions at 855-805-5399 or if you need any assistance.

Dedicated Admissions Support

Our enrollment counselors are here to guide you every step of the way through the standard admissions or college transfer process, verifying that you are meeting all requirements and aiding you in making decisions. From making sure that your application is complete to helping you sign up for courses, they are ready to provide inside tips and advice and answer any questions.

Transfer Credits

EOU offers pathways to finish your studies and graduate ahead of schedule, including a wide variety of transfer credit options — in fact, we accept more transfer credits from other schools than most universities. Even before you complete the college transfer process, take advantage of a free credit review and phone conversation with one of our enrollment counselors to see how your previous coursework will apply to your EOU program.

Fast-Track Options

Accelerated tracks like the Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) program allow you to document the education you’ve acquired through life and work experience in a format that can be used for university credit. There are a myriad of examples of what may qualify for APEL credits, e.g., assisting in the operations of a family business, doing volunteer work through a church or serving in the Peace Corps. The APEL 390 course, which counts as an upper-division elective, helps you communicate the knowledge and skills you already possess and integrate those assets with the education you would have gained in coursework on those subjects — thus preparing you to advance to the next stage of your learning.

If you want to earn APEL credit, the final project in APEL 390 is to complete a portfolio that includes an essay. Your portfolio is reviewed by a faculty member specializing in the discipline to which the essay topic pertains. At the end of their assessment, the faculty might award you credits that can be applied to your general education, major, minor or elective requirements. After earning credit from your first portfolio, you may write other APEL essays and submit them to your advisor for faculty review to earn additional credits.

Another avenue for accelerating your educational timeline is Agency-Sponsored Learning (ASL). This option enables students to earn up to 45 credits for courses and training completed through non-degree-granting organizations, such as the military, businesses, labor unions, associations and government agencies. Each subject must be part of a discipline offered at EOU, and you must produce documentation as proof of your learning. Talk to your enrollment counselor for more information on this option for additional credits.

The college admissions or transfer process shouldn’t be hard — fortunately, with EOU Online, it isn’t. Get started by exploring our programs, creating your account and submitting your application today.

If you would like more information about the EOU college admissions or transfer process or our program offerings, please fill out this form.

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