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Online B.S./B.A. in Business Administration – Marketing

Advance in Marketing with IACBE-Accredited Skills

Online Coursework

Expert Faculty

Career-Ready Skills

  • Duration 4 years
  • Cost per Credit $265
  • Credit Hours 180

Program Benefits

  • IACBE Accredited
  • Gain Leadership and Management Skills

*Price reflects tuition for Oregon residents. Non-resident tuition is $305/credit hour. Speak to an enrollment counselor for more information.

Marketing Expertise for the Future of Business

As new technologies emerge and the business world expands, the demand for professionals with knowledge of innovative marketing concepts is growing. With EOU’s online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Marketing concentration, you’ll prepare to take on today’s in-demand marketing roles and lead your business to success for years to come. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll graduate with the expertise to begin your marketing career, plus the academic credential to pursue a graduate degree.

Developed with your full-time schedule in mind, the online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Marketing concentration can be completed entirely online through EOU’s convenient virtual classroom. As an online student, you’ll choose from flexible schedule options, receive personalized attention from expert educators and access your courses on your time.

Career Outlook: Specialty Skills for the Business Career You Want

The online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Marketing concentration combines essential business skills with advanced marketing expertise to ensure you graduate fully prepared for the career you want. Graduates of the program are fully equipped for success in a variety of marketing positions, including the role of marketing manager. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for marketing managers was $141,490 in 2020. As the field grows, more than 18,000 new positions for marketing managers are expected to be created by 2029.1

Marketing Manager


Marketing managers plan and direct the production of marketing materials and campaigns for businesses and their products and services. They also oversee the collaborative efforts of marketing teams.1

Public Relations Manager


Public relations managers utilize a variety of marketing materials and concepts to establish a positive reputation for their company’s products and/or services. They may also coordinate public events or interactive opportunities to connect with consumers and develop a favorable public opinion of their company.2

Other titles for graduates of the Business Administration Marketing concentration:

  • Market research analyst
  • Project manager
  • Public relations specialist

Curriculum: Career-Ready Skills for an Ever-Changing Business Environment

With the online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Marketing concentration, you’ll explore a curriculum that combines key business concepts with the innovative marketing skills necessary for career advancement. The courses required for this program cover topics including market research, digital marketing, consumer behavior, product planning and more.

Course Spotlight: BA 342 Agribusiness Marketing

This course provides an application of marketing and economic principles to decision-making in contemporary agribusiness firms. Topics include value-added marketing strategies, marketing research and information, segmentation and targeting, marketing mix, and market plans within food, fiber, natural resource, and specialized regulations and requirements for the agribusiness industry.

Course Spotlight: BA 346 E-Marketing

This course introduces the student to concepts and theories that define internet marketing and discusses its place in a firm’s overall marketing plan. Included are an overview of various dimensions of the internet, the basics of finding market opportunities and selling on the internet, and presentations and discussions of commercial internet business models.

Available Business Administration Concentrations

EOU’s Business Administration program offers three optional concentrations. Explore them below.

B.S./B.A. in Business Administration: Global Food Systems and Agribusiness

Discover a program that delivers a solid grounding in formal business skills while exploring innovative technologies and their role in today’s field of agribusiness.

B.S./B.A. in Business Administration: Leadership, Organization, and Management

Gain essential management skills for all business sectors and graduate with the expertise necessary to establish yourself as an effective and trusted leader in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about this program.

With a specialization in marketing, you can pursue a career in public relations, promotions and more at a variety of organizations. You’ll build a foundation of knowledge in business principles and research, allowing you to become a crucial member of a company’s marketing and promotions team.

After securing your online bachelor’s in business administration from EOU, you can work in many management positions. You might also work in marketing, accounting, global food systems and agribusiness.

An additional $13.50 per credit hour will be applied to accounting, business, economics and marketing courses. You can learn more about all tuition fees here.

Our most recent virtual open house was held on February 10, 2021. Feel free to watch the most recent virtual open house, and stay tuned for the next live event.

The first step is to start your application. You’ll need to submit official transcripts and pay your application fee as well. Learn more about admission here.

You’ll complete 18 major-specific courses to earn the Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree. You can learn more about coursework for the program here.

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