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B.S./B.A. in Business Administration: Curriculum

Curriculum Details

180 total credits required

Our online bachelor’s in business administration prepares students for the global business workforce. This four-year program covers topics like business data and theory, accounting, communications and business law. To tailor your learning — you’ll have the option to take our leadership, organization and management concentration.

The online bachelor’s in business administration is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). No matter what path you select, EOU’s online business degree provides practical, theoretical and ethical perspectives to contribute to your success in a variety of fields.

Transfer Information

EOU offers a generous transfer policy for course credits to make it even more affordable and accessible to learn. The online bachelor’s in business administration allows up to 135 credits from previous college coursework to be transferred into EOU. All EOU majors require a minimum of 20 EOU credits.

Required Courses

This course is designed to introduce the student to the use of computers in business. The primary focus will be on the creation, editing and analysis of data, utilizing current business technologies. A secondary focus is on individual computer hardware terminology and software skills.

Introduction to financial statements prepared by accountants for business entities. Emphasis of the course is upon the fundamental procedures involved in the preparation of financial data for presentation to outside users. Prerequisite: MATH 070.

A study of the development, presentation and interpretation of accounting information utilized by management in decision making, planning and control. Prerequisite: ACCT 211.

Analysis of methods of investigating, collecting, organizing and presenting data for formal and informal business reports. Prerequisite: WR 121 or equivalent.

Nature, origin and philosophy of law and procedures. Study of law of contracts and sales.

A systematic investigation of the operation of a market system, focusing on the role of households, firms and government in determining wages and prices. The topics of analysis include concentration of economic power, the distribution of income and the role of government in a market system. Prerequisite: MATH 095 or MATH 098. Student must have at least sophomore standing to register for this course.

An analysis of the operation of a mixed economy from an aggregate perspective. Issues such as inflation, unemployment, international trade, government finance, economic growth and the neoclassical economic theory. Prerequisite: MATH 095 or MATH 098. Student must have at least sophomore standing to register for this course.

Information Systems (IS) develop the information that managers use to make decisions and is a necessary component for the creation, storage, transformation, and protection of business data. This course will introduce you to IS and the design, analysis, and implementation of datasets and is intended to refine and extend skills in Microsoft Excel and other business management technologies. The course will conclude with a study of management information systems (MIS) and the role they play in organizations. Prerequisite: BA 131 or equivalent. Student must have Sophomore standing to register for this course.

An introductory course focusing on the methods of identifying and interpreting wants and needs of consumers, selecting the particular wants and needs the organization will satisfy and determining the proper mix of product, price, promotion and place. Lecture and readings are blended with problems and cases for class discussion. Student must have at least sophomore standing to register for this course.

Introductory course in financial concepts focusing on analyzing the firm’s performance, understanding risk and return and conducting capital budgeting and business valuation. Prerequisites: ACCT 213, BA 303, ECON 202 and STAT 243. Student must have at least sophomore standing to register for this course.

Study of primary functions of management of goal-directed organizations. Analysis of the internal organization structure and of management roles within complex organizations. Study of structural bases, work-flow pattern, leadership patterns and control systems upon human behavior. Student must have at least sophomore standing to register for this course.

Topics include collection and presentation of data, discrete and continuous distributions, probability and sampling theory, statistical inference and hypothesis testing and their use in business management decisions. Parametric and nonparametric statistical tests will be examined, including t-tests, Chi-square and ANOVA. Additional topics include regression, time series analysis and applications in business forecasting. The solution of statistical problems will require the use of Excel and possibly other statistical software. Prerequisites: BA 131 and STAT 243.

This course is an introduction to the cultural, financial, marketing, management and operational aspects of business in a globalized economy. It will prepare students to be competent business professionals in the continually evolving global environment and to meet the challenges and complexities associated with globalization. Special emphasis is given to cultural factors, fostering a global mindset and understanding the role of global enterprises. Prerequisites: BA 312 and 321 or consent of instructor.

This is an introductory course on management of the operations function with emphasis on practical applications. Topics covered will address the role of operations management including analysis, design, planning and controlling of production and business processes. Prerequisites: BA 303 or ACCT 303, BA 321 and STAT 243. Student must have at least junior standing to register for this course.

As future managers, leaders and citizens, each of you will have influence on the organizations in which you participate. This course will assist you in exploring and developing knowledge of ethical perspectives, decision-making processes and the development of solutions to ethical dilemmas. BA 411 provides an opportunity for students to investigate the many ethical challenges facing individuals and organizations in the business environment. Study of various ethical perspectives will enable students to increase their ability to analyze ethical problems, critically assess ethical arguments relevant to such issues and recommend solutions to ethical dilemmas. Students will develop a working knowledge of major themes surrounding ethical issues, including, but not limited to, corporate social responsibility. Prerequisites: BA 225 and 321. Must have junior standing to register for this course.

Study of the personnel function and its relationship to the objectives of the organization. Examination of human resource management as a primary function of all managers. Analysis of personnel problems involved in the selection, appraisal and development of the work-force in business organization. Prerequisite: BA 321. Student must have at least junior standing to register for this course.

Study of behavior in organizations at the individual, small group, intergroup and organizational levels. Students participate in projects applying behavioral science principles, such as theories of motivation, leadership and conflict resolution, to organizations and the process of change. Prerequisite: BA 321. Student must have at least junior standing to register for this course.

Senior-level capstone course that focuses on the development and implementation of strategy as a means to success in business. This course integrates concepts and applications from various functional areas of business. Relying heavily on case studies and computer simulation, the focus is on how managers engage in strategic thinking, planning, analysis and execution to gain a sustained competitive advantage in the marketplace. Prerequisites: ECON 201, BA 312, BA 313, BA 321 and BA 225. Student must have senior standing to register for this course.

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