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Online B.S./B.A. in Business Administration - Leadership, Organization, and Management

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Advance Your Career with Accredited Leadership Expertise

Expert Faculty


Career-Ready Skills

  • Duration 4 years
  • Cost per Credit $316
  • Credit Hours 180

Program Benefits

  • Prepare for In-Demand Roles in Business
  • Gain Leadership and Management Skills
  • Convenient Online Format

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Management Skills for all Sectors of Business

The success of businesses in all industries relies on the expertise and guidance of skilled leaders. With EOU’S management concentration, you’ll gain the essential skills all leaders need for success, plus the academic credential required to pursue a master’s degree and take your career further. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll graduate with a well-rounded set of skills to establish yourself as an effective and trusted leader in the industry of your choice.

The management concentration can be completed entirely online through EOU’s virtual learning platform. Designed with your full-time responsibilities in mind, the virtual classroom allows you to choose from flexible schedule options and complete coursework at a pace that fits your schedule.

Career Outlook: Specialty Skills for the Business Career You Want

The management concentration will prepare you for in-demand leadership roles in all business sectors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the management field is currently growing at a rate of five percent, creating a higher demand for management professionals. At this rate, 505,000 new management positions will be created by 2029, with many positions offering annual salaries of $105,000 or more.1

Administrative Services Manager


Administrative services managers are responsible for ensuring all business departments have the resources necessary to function efficiently. They work with diverse business personnel to determine the overall needs of an office.2

Medical and Health Services Manager


Medical and health services managers oversee the services provided in a medical facility. They manage the scheduling process and ensure medical professionals abide by current laws and healthcare regulations.3

Other titles for graduates of the management concentration:

  • Human resources manager
  • Sales manager
  • Training and development manager

Curriculum: Career-Ready Skills for an Ever-Changing Business Environment

As a student of the management concentration, you’ll explore a curriculum built on essential business concepts as you learn to apply effective management techniques in the workplace. The courses required for this degree cover topics including legal issues for leaders, international management, entrepreneurship and more.

Course Spotlight: BA 416 Legal Issues for Leaders

This course examines the legal and regulatory environment of business to provide students with an understanding of the legal liabilities associated with managing and owning a business. Topics will include agency relationships, business organization, antitrust regulation, securities regulation, administrative law and employment law.

Course Spotlight: BA 462 Leaders & Leadership Process

This course is an in-depth examination of leadership from a practical and a theoretical perspective. The study of classical theories and current writings will enable the student to develop deep insights into what leadership is. Students will apply their study to current and historic leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about this program.

This concentration prepares you for entry-level supervisory positions or to eventually run your own business. You’ll gain skills in hiring, employee management and production and delivery of goods and services.

After securing your online bachelor’s in business administration from EOU, you can work in many management positions. You might also work in marketing, accounting, global food systems and agribusiness.

An additional $14.50 per credit hour will be applied to accounting, business, economics and marketing courses. You can learn more about all tuition fees here.

The program does not offer a virtual open house at this time. 

The first step is to start your application. You’ll need to submit official transcripts and pay your application fee as well. Learn more about admission here.

You’ll complete 18 major-specific courses to earn the Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree. You can learn more about coursework for the program here.

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