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Online Master of Healthcare Administration: Career Outlook

Advance Your Career in Healthcare

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Expert Faculty

The healthcare industry is constantly growing and in need of leaders. There is a wide range of administrative job opportunities across various vital sectors. Having experienced and distinguished specialists teaching in our degree transforms our students into capable, up-to-date graduates and well prepared for entry or advancement in this rapidly growing and dynamic field.

  • This program prepares students to step into diverse leadership and administrative roles in their communities.
  • Students learn valuable skills such as budgeting, planning, financial management and more.

What Makes Us Unique

Our program emphasizes practical, applied learning, real-world projects and comparative urban and rural healthcare leadership challenges.

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Pursue In-Demand Career Advancement

Health Service Manager $101,340 per year1

Healthcare Consultant $79,593 per year2

Clinical Director $80,402 per year3

Long Term Care Administrator $79,958 per year4

Succeed in a Career Field That Needs Experts

Program Outcomes

What You’ll Learn

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Healthcare management
  • Health communications
  • Critical thinking

Career Support

Prepare for the role you want with the career support services offered by Eastern Oregon University. As a student and a graduate, you’ll benefit from a variety of services designed to help you stand out among employers and succeed professionally in your field.

Career Services

Eastern Oregon University Career Services offers in-person coaching and online resources to help students broaden their career choices and understand the value of their education in relation to employment. This includes outreach to all students in all academic programs, on and off campus, coupled with outreach to employers, service providers and government agencies.

Fieldwork/Practicum through EOU’s Career Services

EOU offers diverse fieldwork and practicum opportunities each term that allow students the mechanism to earn college credit tied directly to their current employment.

Career Readiness: Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

EOU Career Services has a robust collection of tutorials available to students, including information on resumes, cover letters, interview skills and soft skills.


Along with over 1,200 other universities and colleges, EOU is part of the Handshake network that houses jobs, careers and internships around the nation.

Learn more about career support services here.


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