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Online Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Creative Writing Careers

Express Yourself Through a Variety of Creative Writing Careers

The online MFA in Creative Writing program from Eastern Oregon University prepares you for diverse careers that allow you to transform your creative ideas into works of literature. Through courses guided by field experts, you’ll explore diverse genres of literature while honing your creative skills and developing the expertise to educate others in the field.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for authors in 2019 was $67,120.1 The Bureau also reports a growing demand for high school teachers, with more than 40,000 new positions expected to be created by 2029.3 With an online MFA, you’ll be qualified for both of these careers and more.



Editors review articles, books and websites to ensure they are grammatically correct before they are published. These professionals are an important asset to diverse publishing companies that develop magazines, newspapers, novels and more.2

High School Teacher


High school teachers educate students in specific areas of study to prepare them for college or the workforce after graduation. Their responsibilities include planning lessons, assigning and grading coursework and evaluating the academic progress of each student.3

Additional creative writing careers:

  • Copywriter
  • Journalist
  • Postsecondary teacher

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We are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact an enrollment counselor at 855-805-5399 or complete the request for information form and we will be in touch.

Program Outcomes and Skills Acquired

Program Outcomes: Expert Skills for Diverse Creative Writing Careers

EOU’s MFA in Creative Writing program gives you the opportunity to:

Skills and Traits You’ll Gain

  • Writing fluency
  • Creative and critical approaches
  • Awareness of literary markets
  • Editorial career skills
  • Cross-genre knowledge
  • Young adult writing experience

Career Support

Take the next step in advancing your creative writing career with help and support from our faculty of expert instructors.

Career Services

Eastern Oregon University Career Services offers in-person coaching and online resources to help students broaden their career choices and understand the value of their education in relation to employment. This includes outreach to all students in all academic programs, on and off campus, coupled with outreach to employers, service providers and government agencies.

Fieldwork/Practicum through EOU’s Career Services

EOU offers diverse fieldwork and practicum opportunities each term that allow students the mechanism to earn college credit tied directly to their current employment.

Career Readiness: Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

EOU Career Services has a robust collection of tutorials available to students, including information on resumes, cover letters, interview skills and soft skills.


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