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Step into Cybersecurity Careers with Skills and Confidence

Cybersecurity Careers Offer Up to $15,025 Salary Premiums

With cybersecurity attacks increasing in quantity as well as the level of damage they inflict, companies have shifted their cyber strategies from reactively dealing with malware and hackers to proactively preventing them in the first place.

This means companies are creating more cybersecurity careers, and small and mid-sized businesses need professionals who have a wide range of cyber knowledge to manage their needs. As such, the demand for specific cyber skills is expected to increase 32%-164% through 2025 — resulting in cybersecurity careers that offer salary premiums between $5,256 and $15,025 more than standard IT positions.1

Prepare to step into fast-paced cybersecurity careers when you graduate with your bachelor’s of cybersecurity degree from Eastern Oregon University.

Learning in our practical online program means you’re ready to help your company prevent hackers and malware from damaging their systems and stealing valuable information.

You’ll be an asset to your company on day one in your new position, ready to jump in with ideas and proven solutions for the challenges at hand.

With experience, you’re ready to navigate the many cybersecurity careers available that will have you working in a specialty market, as the leader of teams or in the company’s cybersecurity department.

Information Security Analyst


Develop security standards according to best practices for your organization, handle security updates to protect valuable information and investigate violations as they occur. The information security analyst role is expected to grow 31 percent through 2029 and reports a median annual salary of $99, 730.2

Computer Network Architects


Network architects design and build data communication networks including LANs, WANs and intranets. The top skills used by these professionals — application development security, risk and access management, and data privacy and security — are among the most in-demand in the industry.1 While the median salary for this role is $112,690,3 the average premium given for security professionals with those skill sets is $9,338,1 bringing your possible median wage to $122,028.

Additional cybersecurity career opportunities for graduates of this degree:

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Cyber Info Assurance Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Manager, IT
  • Incident Manager
  • Information Security Specialist

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Step Into Cybersecurity Careers with the Necessary Skill Sets

Revature Partnership Offers You a Fast Track to Cybersecurity Careers

We’ve partnered with Revature, the largest employer of emerging technology talent in the U.S., to help jump-start your cybersecurity career with the opportunity to gain employment and additional training.

Additionally, we offer career assessments, tutorials and networking opportunities to ensure you’re prepared to interview well for the cybersecurity careers you can step into.