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Data Analytics Careers

Impact Data-Driven Decision Making Across Industries

Build in-demand technical skills

Succeed in a wide range of fields

The Bachelor’s in Data Analytics program will give you the mathematical and computer programming knowledge needed to collect, analyze and present data and solve real-world problems.

  • Increase your earning potential. The median annual wage for computer and information technology professions was $91,250 in May 2020.1
  • Prepare for high-growth career paths. When you finish your program, you will be qualified for data analytics careers in healthcare, insurance, business, agriculture and more.
  • Make industry connections. The experiential learning capstone project gives you valuable experience you can immediately apply on the job.

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Prepare for Career Success in Data Analytics

Data Scientist $96,528 per year2

Health Data Analyst $64,221 per year3

Management Analyst $87,660 per year4

Operations Research Analyst $86,200 per year5

Open Doors to In-Demand Data Analytics Careers

The 100 percent online Bachelor’s in Data Analytics from Eastern Oregon University is designed to propel your data analytics career forward. You will gain the skills employers want while learning to inform strategic decision-making that can affect businesses, industries and infrastructures.

Our expert faculty and student-centered learning experience give you the tools you need to enter the workforce as a trained expert.

Career Support

At Eastern Oregon University, we are committed to helping our students achieve professional success. We offer a range of career support services to help you make the most of your degree.

Career Services

EOU Career Services offers in-person coaching and online resources to help students broaden their career choices and understand the value of their education in relation to employment. This includes outreach to students in all academic programs, on and off campus, coupled with outreach to employers, service providers and government agencies.

Fieldwork/Practicum Through EOU’s Career Services

EOU offers diverse fieldwork and practicum opportunities each term that allow students the mechanism to earn college credit tied directly to their current employment.

Career Readiness: Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

EOU Career Services has a robust collection of tutorials available to students, including information on resumes, cover letters, interview skills and soft skills.

Program Outcomes and Skills Acquired

What You’ll Learn

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Algorithm analysis
  • Big data analytics
  • C and C++
  • Communication
  • Computer science
  • Critical thinking
  • Database management
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Geographical information systems
  • Machine learning
  • Problem-solving
  • Statistical computing
  • Teamwork


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