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Online B.S./B.A. in Public Administration: Public Administration Careers

Become a Leader for Local and Global Change

With the online Bachelor’s in Public Administration program from Eastern Oregon University, you’ll prepare for a future of leadership in the nonprofit and public sectors. The program is designed for your success in a variety of public administration careers and explores the foundations of civic engagement through innovative problem-solving techniques.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s a growing need for qualified professionals to fill public administration careers. The field of urban planning is growing at an annual rate of 11 percent, and more than 4,000 new positions for urban and regional planners alone are expected to be created by 2029.2

City Manager


Paragraph is regular City managers lead all sectors of a local government and play a critical role in creating a city’s annual budget. They collaborate with diverse departments of government to determine the best decisions for their city.3

Urban Planner


Urban planners determine the best use for land and facilities within a specific area. They contribute to expansion projects and work to meet the needs of their community.2

Additional public administration careers for graduates of this program:

  • Administrative services manager
  • Budget analyst
  • Nonprofit manager
  • Mayor

Get in Touch

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact an enrollment counselor at 855-805-5399 or complete the request for information form and we will be in touch.

Program Outcomes: Skills to Make a Difference

When you complete this program, you will be able to:

Career Support

Prepare for the role you want with the career support services offered by Eastern Oregon University. As a student and a graduate, you’ll benefit from a variety of services designed to help you stand out among employers and succeed professionally in your field.

Career Services

Eastern Oregon University Career Services offers in-person coaching and online resources to help students broaden their career choices and understand the value of their education in relation to employment. This includes outreach to all students in all academic programs, on and off campus, coupled with outreach to employers, service providers and government agencies.

Career Readiness: Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

EOU Career Services has a robust collection of tutorials available to students, including information on resumes, cover letters, interview skills and soft skills.

Fieldwork/Practicum through EOU’s Career Services

EOU offers diverse fieldwork and practicum opportunities each term that allow students the mechanism to earn college credit tied directly to their current employment.


Along with over 1,200 other universities and colleges, EOU is part of the Handshake network that houses jobs, careers and internships around the nation.

Learn more about career support services here.


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